Your questions and concerns addressed, so you can rest easy.


Where does the name 10 Grove come from?

It’s the childhood address of our founder, Rana Argenio. To her, it represents that wonderful feeling of belonging and being truly at home. At 10 Grove, we want to bring that same idea of comfort and well-being to everything we do.

Why does 10 Grove bedding cost so much less than other established luxury linen brands?

The short answer is ... by being control freaks! (In the best way possible, of course!) We believe in making better things in a more efficient way. We practice true vertical integration and oversee every step of the process in house. We cut out unnecessary middlemen who would add to the final cost. This allows us to offer exceptional quality at the most honest prices. (For the complete story, img)

Where do get your fabrics?

We source directly from the most reputable Italian weavers out there – yes, the same ones that supply the luxury brands that charge $1,500 or more for a set of sheets. Bedding is part of the Italian culture, dating back generations, so we leave the weaving up to the masters. Like us, our partner mill is family owned and operated and practice true vertical integration – the same mill makes the yarn, weaves the fabric, and finishes it in house in Italy.

Where are your products made?

We source our finished percale and sateen fabrics from our factory in Italy and do the rest in our factory in Texas: cutting, sewing, hemming, embroidering, detailing by our skilled artisans–all in house, right here in the USA. We practice true vertical integration and eliminate middle-men, overseeing the entire process ourselves, to bring you the most value and comfort in bed.


What’s the difference between percale and sateen?

This is one of our favorite questions because the answer surprises a lot of people. Both are types of fabric, made from the same exact cotton. One isn’t “better” than the other. The terms indicate the way they’ve been woven. Very briefly, percale is a bit more crisp with a matte finish, while sateen is more smooth and drapey with a subtle sheen. It’s all about who you are and how you want to feel when you sleep! (for a complete explanation and helpful illustration,img)

What are your sheets made from?

Our sheets are made from long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is the strongest, finest, and highest quality you can find. Not all cotton labeled as Egyptian cotton is of the highest quality, even though it has become industry shorthand for the best cotton. Our deep knowledge of the business allows us to source top cotton yarns, period. (For more information, img)

What is the thread count of 10 Grove sheets?

Such a great question. Very high thread count isn’t necessarily a measure of quality (unless you hold all other variables equal). It was created as a marketing ploy in the 90’s, with numbers of 1,000 or more supposedly indicating the ultimate in luxury. They don’t. There are so many other more important factors to consider first, such as type of cotton fiber, spinning & weaving techniques, and finishing processes. We’ve worked with the best cotton sources, spinners, weavers, and finishing house in Italy to develop our 300 thread count sateen and 400 thread count percale. Once you feel them, you will lose count! Don’t believe us? Take our Blind Feel Test to experience for yourself.

What are the sizes of your products?

Accessible luxury means having the information you need to get between the perfect sheets. Use our size guides to learn how to measure your bed, or simply measure the bedding you already have. The chart below will guide you to your ideal 10 Grove size.

MATTRESS SIZE 39" x 80" 39" x 75" 54" x 75" 60" x 80" 76-78" x 80" 72" x 84"
FITTED SHEETS 39" x 80" x 17" 39" x 75" x 17" 54" x 75" x 17" 60" x 80" x 17" 78" x 80" x 17" 72" x 84" x 17"
FLAT SHEETS 72" x 114" 94" x 114" 114" x 114"
DUVET COVERS 66" x 86" 88" x 92" 106" x 92"
COVERLETS + BLANKETS 72" x 92" 94" x 100" 114" x 100"
BED SKIRTS 39" x 80" x 16" 39" x 75" x 16" 54" x 75" x 16" 60" x 80" x 16" 78" x 80" x 16" 72" x 84" x 16"
PILLOW SIZE 20" x 26" 20" x 36" 26" x 26"
PILLOWCASES 20" x 26" 20" x 36"
SHAMS 20" x 26" 20" x 36" 26" x 26"

How deep are your fitted sheets?

Our fitted sheets are made with a 17” pocket, which means they fit mattresses up to 14.5” in height. We account for shrinkage during washing so you can be sure that enough of the fitted sheet will go under your bed and stay put!

What is a sham? How is it different than a pillowcase?

Great question! Shams are decorative pillows that–during the day, when the bed is made–sit in front of your sleeping pillows. This makes the bed both neater looking and a little more “dressed up”. Shams typically have a decorative fabric border called a “flange”. Pillowcases are the covering for your sleeping pillows, the part of your bedding your face actually rests on while you sleep.

What is the difference between a blanket and a coverlet?

Your blanket is more of a cozy, woven layer of warmth that typically lies right over your sheets and adds extra snuggle–like a sweater. The coverlet is also warming, but is more polished and adds a modern, tailored, and decorative note.

How do I style a blanket vs. a coverlet?

Well, you have options for placement: a blanket, a coverlet or both! If you use a blanket or coverlet alone, it usually lays on top of your flat sheet and underneath your duvet. If you use both, you can either layer the blanket between the flat sheet and the coverlet...or you can have the blanket folded at the foot of the bed on the coverlet as a decorative accent / extra layer.

How do I make sure that the color I’m interested in actually matches my room?

That’s a really important consideration. (You’ve probably purchased clothing or homewares that looked so right in the store and ended up being so wrong once they arrived home.) We feel your pain and have you covered with our Swatch Program. You can order small samples of our fabrics and hold them up to your decor (or even your pajamas) and be able to feel confident about ordering our bedding. (It’s a whole lot easier than ordering multiple sets and returning the ones that don’t work out.)

Tell me more about 10 Grove’s BLIND FEEL TEST.

How do you know what you'd liked to have your whole body to be enveloped in for a third of your day, every day, until you’ve actually had the chance to feel it–and compare it to an alternative? We want to remove any preconceived notions and give you a Blind Feel Test, where your hands, face (and wherever else you want) can experience for themselves. Take our questionnaire and we’ll get a sense of what you’re vibing. Then we’ll send you a pair of pillowcases–one percale and one sateen–labeled only with a star and a moon. (Fun, right?). Take them for a test drive and let us know which you prefer! We’ll save those details to your account for streamlined shopping next time.

CARE instructions

Are you sheets pre-shrunk?

Textiles made from any natural fiber–including cotton–will shrink; how much depends on the fabric. Our sateen and percale sheeting and coverlets will shrink 2-5%. Our pieces are made to allow for this shrinkage. Note: Washing or drying in extreme hot temperatures will cause excessive shrinking.

Will 10 Grove sheets wrinkle?

We like to keep our fabrics in their purest and most natural form. As such, we haven’t added any anti-wrinkle treatments, as (i) many involve toxic chemicals (no thank you) and (ii) most wash off after a certain number of washes (so why bother?). If you are a complete wrinkle-phobe, we have a few tricks that will save you time and keep your bed looking crisp and pristine. (And it will prevent that wrinkled ball of a mess that happens when you leave your sheets in the dryer long after the cycle has finished!)

  • Take your sheets out of the wash and shake them out to release some of the wrinkles.
  • Fold your sheets before putting them in the dryer (I know this sounds counter intuitive, but it will prevent a tangled, wrinkled mess).
  • Dry your bedding on medium heat setting.
  • Remove it a couple of minutes before the cycle ends, while everything is still warm.
  • Lay it flat on the bed and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.
  • For the final touch, you can iron the cuffs of your flat sheet and pillowcases and pass over your shams with a warm iron. That way, all the parts of your bed that actually show will live up to 5-star hotel expectations.

Can I wash my 10 Grove linens, or do I need to dry clean them?

Who has time for dry cleaning, especially for something that you use every single day? Every piece we introduce into the 10 Grove family is practical, livable luxury. We ensure that every piece can be easily cared for by you at home, even if you’re not Mary Poppins. (We won’t tell.)

Do I really need to wash my linens in warm–and not hot–water?

We want your bedding to last a lifetime, and high heat is the enemy of that goal. Heat breaks down cotton fibers and accelerates the aging process (just like your skin and the sun!) Also, always wash like colors together to avoid bleeding, and avoid overloading the machine. Cramming together towels, blankets, and sheets will result in them each ending up less clean. Warm washing, warm drying, and frequent rotation will assure that your sheets look and feel amazing for a long, long time.

Why can’t I use bleach on my bedding?

We know it seems like bleaching the daylights out of your linens will keep them pristine! (But it isn’t true.) Body oils, sweat, makeup, and other products can find their way into the threads of your sheets, giving them a yellow tone. If this keeps you up at night, fight that instinct to turn to bleach, or detergents with brightening agents as the solution. These react with the yellowing-causing culprits and make them more yellow–not less. Furthermore, these chemicals weaken and break down the cotton fibers in your bedding causing them to pill and ultimately rip! Instead, we recommend turning to traditional techniques of adding a tablespoon of baking soda or white vinegar to the wash cycle. (We promise the smell will wash out!) This will keep your sheets nice and bright.

Drying on medium and not hot? What’s that about?

Just like with washing, cooler drying temperatures are better in the long run. Drying your bedding on high heat seems faster and “cleaner”, but it results in greater shrinkage. Also, the heat essentially “cooks” the cotton fibers, breaking them (again leading to pilling and tearing) and changing the feel from smooth and sumptuous to something rougher. By sticking to warm heat, your bedding will come out fluffy and fabulous–and last much, much longer!

How should I store my 10 Grove pieces?

We recommend having 2-3 sets of linens so you can rotate them. This helps on laundry day as you’ll have a back up set ready to put on the bed while the other is in the wash. In addition, it increases the life of your linens by giving them a break from weekly washing and drying. It also allows you to change out the look of your room on a regular basis. You don’t wear the same thing every day! Once your bedding is dry, folded, and smoothed, store them flat in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading. And that’s it!


Can I buy individual products or only sets?

While we offer great, curated ensembles to give you a more streamlined shopping experience, we also make it easy to get exactly what you want. And that includes the option of ordering any of our products individually. For those of you with a design bug, we give you the flexibility to mix and match styles, colors, and pieces for a set all your own.

How do I know if something is in stock?

We do our very best to keep every item available, but occasionally certain pieces go out of stock. We can add you to our waiting list, so you can know exactly when we have your dreamy pieces on hand. Sit back, relax and we’ll have you snoozing in no time!

Do 10 Grove products come with a warranty?

We do not offer a warranty on our bedding articles. If you believe your product has a manufacturer’s defect upon receipt, please reach out to our Customer Experience team immediately and we will make sure to remedy as soon as possible.


Where do you currently ship?

Our products are currently available to ship to the continental US. For delivery to other destinations – stay tuned!

What does shipping cost?

We offer free continental US ground shipping on all purchases. If you simply can’t wait and want it sooner, expedited shipping is also available for an additional fee.

How quickly do items ship?

All orders placed by 3:00 pm EST will ship same day. Orders placed after 3:00 pm or on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays will ship the next business day.

How do you ship your products?

We ship our products via FedEx from our facilities in Texas.

When can I expect my order?

Once the product has shipped, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking number. If you select standard shipping, you can expect your products within 3-5 business days. If you opt for expedited shipping, it will get there in 1-3 days, depending on which option you select.

Can I return items for a refund?

We want you to love your home and every piece you introduce into it; so, if you’re unsatisfied with your order, you may return it. All products (excluding swatches, blind feel tests, and gift cards) are eligible for return and refund within 30 days of delivery. Items must be unwashed, unused, and undamaged–and include the original packaging. Returns will be refunded in the original payment form, minus shipping and handling fees that may have been charged.

When will I receive my refund?

Please allow 10-14 business days for your return to be processed. We will send an e-mail once the items have been received, checked and the refund has been initiated. 10 Grove reserves the right to refuse items returned after 30 days (see above) or items that appear to have been washed, used, or damaged.

What about defective items?

If an item is defective, please contact so we can help you out.

Can I make an exchange?

Direct exchanges are not available at this time. Instead, customers may return the original item for a refund and order a new one.